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Modeling and Debugging Embedded Systems

University of Colorado Boulder

This is part 3 of the specialization. In this course students will learn :
* About SystemC and how it can be used to create models of cyber-physical systems in order to perform “what-if” scenarios
* About Trimble Engineering’s embedded systems for heavy equipment automation
* A deeper understanding of embedded systems in the Automotive and Transoprtion market segment
* How to debug deeply embedded systems
* About Lauterbach’s TRACE32 debugging tools
* How to promote technical ideas within a company
* What can be learned from studying engineering failures

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  • Provider: University of Colorado Boulder
  • Cost: FREE (7 days trail)
  • Effort: Approx. 9 hours to complete
  • Duration: 7 hours/week
  • Language: English


  • SystemC, Trimble Engineering Guest Speakers
  • In this module we will look at Modeling using a language called SystemC, and hear guest speakers from Trimble Engineering presenting on their products.
  • Deep Dive: Automotive and Transportation
  • In this module we will take a deeper look into the Automotive and Transportation sector, as this sector is poised for large growth. If you’ll remember back to course 1 where we looked at market size opportunities, and saw there that the Automotive and Transportation sector was estimated to grow to 154 billion US dollars, at a CAGR of 30%.
  • Debugging Deeply Embedded Systems, Lauterbach Guest Speaker
  • In this module you will learn about Debugging deeply embedded systems, and you will get to hear a guest speaker from Lauterbach, a company that provides leading edge debugging solutions for embedded systems.
  • Promoting Technical Ideas, Learning from Failures
  • In the final module of this course you will hear my thoughts on how engineers can promote technical ideas up the management ladder, and hopefully get enough traction with management to turn your ideas into shipping products. Additionally, we will briefly take a look at what we can learn from engineering failures.